Eivind Uggedal

Default background color in PhantomJS screenshots

By default PhantomJS will rasterize pages with a transparent background if the page does not set a background color on its <body>. The official PhantomJS FAQ offers this solution:

page.evaluate(function() {
    document.body.bgColor = 'white';

The problem is that the style property you set on the body element will override other potential background declarations the page has. All pages will be rendered and rasterized with a white background color.

One solution is to inject a style declaration with a default white background color for the body element and let the browser handle the cascade:

page.evaluate(function() {
  var style = document.createElement('style'),
      text = document.createTextNode('body { background: #fff }');
  style.setAttribute('type', 'text/css');
  document.head.insertBefore(style, document.head.firstChild);